Zachary Schon

Obituary of Zachary Washburn Schon

Zachary Washburn Schon was born in Tucson, AZ. He was a beloved, happy, bouncing baby boy born to Claire W. & Gregory S. of Tucson. His big sister Alina, age six was happy to have a baby brother.

Zack grew up attending Sam Hughes Elementary School, then went onto St. Gregory Preparatory School for middle school & high school.

Zack loved to play basketball for his high school team. He loved his friends, sports, rap music, watching films, and later on in life his beloved cat Jets.

After graduating from high school, Zack was accepted into Emory College in Atlanta. After one year at Emory, he transferred to University of Arizona to finish his Law degree. Zack was close to his paternal grandparents, Julian & Maggie (predeceased) of Tucson.

After graduating law school, Zack‘s adventures included : backpacking throughout Europe with his college buddies, and interning in Switzerland.

After law school, Zack was a defense attorney for roughly 12 years. ( ie Lawyer in Phoenix, public defender in Bisbee, criminal defense in Tucson. )

When Zack switched his career path, he recently applied to and was accepted into the MBA graduate school program at the University of Arizona.

This past year, Zack revisited his #sneakerhead hobby from his days as a basketball player. He posted his love for fashionable sneakers on his Instagram page.

Zack played a lot of tennis the last 7 years of his life with friends, and at the time girlfriend.

There were times in Zack's adult life where he struggled with anxiety, depression, and addiction. He made great efforts to see his therapist. He made many friends from his AA community. They have been kind and helpful during the last months of his life. We are so thankful for them.

Zack's mom Claire and his BFF Ben G. from Sam Hughes Elementary school, were there for him through thick and thin. His sister, Alina, brother-in-law and nieces who live in Seattle love him very much. He loved his nieces, and they adored him as "Uncle Zackie".

Zack helped a lot of people throughout his career as a defense attorney. At times, he would help people even when he himself was suffering. A quality we all found admirable.

Out of curiosity about our family lineage, Zack learned from a DNA test that he was 37% Ashkenazi Jewish, and that our mom, Claire has Yakut ancestors from ancient times. He was happy to find this out.

Zack is also survived by his Dad Gregory; Greg's brother and sister, Jeff (Joelle) & Christine (Joe) and his cousins.  Zack would text and chat on the phone with them.

He is also survived by:  Grandma Joan & Grandpa Ray; his Aunt Karen ( godfather Uncle Jim (predeceased),  cousins: Vince (Nicolette) & Nick, as well as his Polish/Welsh Grandfather John W. (predeceased) — many aunts, uncles and cousins, all of whom he loved dearly.

We love you, Zack. We celebrate your life. Always and forever in our hearts and minds.

He was and is very much loved by all his friends & family, who cheered him on!

Plans for a memorial and/or memory-plaque, are pending. We will contact those who were closest to him about a candle-lighting, paying-of-respect, moment of silence and/or prayer for Zack's life.

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