Robert Lee Graves, Jr.

Robert Lee Graves Jr.,  Born: September 5, 1975 in Del Norte Colorado

Passed away on December 29, 2021 in Tucson Arizona

He was 28 years old ( if you know Rob then you know).

List of the surviving family.



Parents and siblings

& so much more family.

Proceeded death.


Words cannot explain how incredible Robert Lee Graves Jr. is to all the lives he’s touched. Robert is a compassionate and kind, all rounded good person to his core. He is a devoted husband,father,grandfather,son,brother,grandson,uncle,nephew,cousin and friend.

He works tirelessly to support his family. He stays up late,gets up early and works any day of the week, however, he never misses a Bronco game,and attends concerts.

 Besides his passion for his family, his passion is music by playing instruments, singing (and he is able to sing every lyric in any song in any genre) and writing music. He taught his children and grandchildren the love of music that will live on in his legacy.

 Robert is a significant piece to our family and we will cherish every memory we hold in our hearts. Robert will be deeply missed by all those who knew him.